Anywhere, Anytime

The fibrous husk from the coconut seed is the an exceptional soilless planting medium. Coconut Coir’s versatility makes it a favorite choice of growers.


Potting mixes, Houseplants, ‘Counter’ Gardens, Microgreens.


Amending raised beds and garden soil. Flower and Window Boxes, Amending Clay and ‘poor’ soils, New Lawn seeding.


Garden Centers and Nurseries, Seedling Nurseries, Greenhouses, Hydroponic Growing, Vertical Gardens, Horticulture and Floriculture Applications, Golf Course and Lawn Maintenance.


Bedding for Worms, Bedding for Reptiles, Bedding for Horses, Cat Litter, Oil/Liquid absorbent.


All Purpose
Planting Substrate

High Water Holding Capacity & Resists Over Watering

Good Drainage/Aeration & Ideal Balance

Light Weight & Compressed For Convenience

100% Organic & A Renewable Resource

Slow Breakdown - Doesn’t Shrink During Growing Cycle