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What’s Coconut Coir?

The Growing Medium of Choice
Also known as Coco Peat, Coco Pith, Coco Coir, or just Coir, this environmentally friendly growing medium is the top choice for commercial and professional growing operations around the world. Coconut coir comes from the pithy, fibrous husk of the coconut. A former waste product, coconut husks are processed to remove the coir/pith, fiber and the outer shell. These are then used for many different products in many different industries.

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Saving the World

An Alternative to Peat Moss
Coir is a proven natural alternative to mined peat moss, therefore, using it helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide. Coir lasts three times as long as peat moss and sphagnum peat moss.

Unlike peat moss, Coconut coir is a 100% organic and completely renewable resource. Coconuts literally grow on trees…coco coir is hydrophilic and will re-wet easily without using wetting agents and holds up to 8 times its own weight in water. Coir outperforms most of the popular brands of peat and sphagnum peat.

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Maximum Drainage
And Aeration

Growers of all crops often use coco coir as a stand-alone growing medium or blended with other products to create custom mixes. Whichever way it is used, coconut coir improves and amends all media.

Coir is Hydrophilic – It loves water - and is unsurpassed at absorbing and retaining moisture, (meaning you will need to water less frequently) while the fibers allow maximum drainage and aeration for the plant roots. These drainage and aeration properties virtually eliminate root rot and mold, the primary reasons for plant failure.

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Organic Crops Approved

By Nature, coir is pH neutral, sterile and nutrient free. Coconut Coir has a naturally high composition of lignin, which is a natural polymer that encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria while discouraging harmful bacteria. Coconut Coir is an approved media for organic crops, comes from a former waste product, and is OMRI Listed.

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Healthier Plants

The hydroponics and horticulture industries have observed that plants grown with the aid of Coir develop larger roots, stems and blooms. This is because unlike ordinary soil, which is usually compacted, Coir provides more breathing space and aeration for plant roots, resulting in better growth. Many growers choose to mix Coconut Coir with other products such as compost, perlite vermiculite and other materials for added benefits.

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